True South Wood Designs

Jul 3

Located outside of Florence, MT Serving most of Western Montana.

My name is Jenna Forest and I am a pyrography (i.e. wood burning), artist and tradeswoman. My woodworking journey began in 2011 when I traveled to Antarctica to work as a science support carpenter for the National Science Foundation. In my spare time, I began experimenting with the art of wood-burning. I have since migrated back to the mountains of Montana and, instead of penguins and icebergs, my art now reflects the rustic beauty of our lovely state and its wild inhabitants; from mountain landscapes and flowers, to bear, wolves, and elk. My designs often incorporate a zentangle method, splashes of acrylic, and/or hand-mixed stains for color and depth. The goal is to capture the intentions of my mind without covering up or detracting from the natural beauty of the wood. Most of my art is created from locally salvaged and reclaimed slabs from around the state. 
My products range from large live-edge wall art to smaller items such as ornaments, coasters, and jewelry.

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