Kate Brown Photography

Jul 20

Located in Spring Creek, Nevada (Elko, Nevada).

Serving Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona. Willing to travel.

I grew up in northeastern Nevada and absolutely love it here. I love being able to travel just a few miles outside of town and see nothing but mountains and sagebrush. Beauty is all around us, whether it’s an old ghost town or wildflowers growing in a field. I love being able to capture the many different personalities of Nevada.

The undeniable love my husband shows for me every day makes me believe in true love and I adore capturing the couples that possess the same feeling in my photography. As a photographer specializing in weddings, my goal is to document your love, passion and emotion in a natural way.
As your photographer, I don’t want you to just be a client, but a friend. When you are able to let your guard down I get to see the love you have and that glow you get from looking into each others eyes. I am able to capture your story and let it become a memory for you and future generations to look back on.
My skills as a wedding photographer go above and beyond just showing up to photograph your wedding day. On average, I am spending about a year helping my brides plan (contacting other vendors, giving vendor recommendations, and creating a seamless timeline) as well as photographing and meeting with my clients multiple times. I am a take charge kinda gal.
If this sounds like something you’re looking for, I’d love to chat more!



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