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They met in October of 2013. Tyler was living in Northern Missouri and working on a ranch while Bethany was in her first year of nursing school. Once she graduated nursing school they moved to Iowa. Although beautiful country and even better people, the memories of home and family drew them back to Texas. They have spent the last […]


September 26, 2022

WWMag Blog

We are not perfect in any form, we know that we aren’t the sappiest, or most public couple withour affections but we both know that we love each other and that is all that matters to us. Weknow that we are always going to look out for each other when it comes to big decisions […]


September 19, 2022

WWMag Blog

There are few people in the world, perhaps no one else at all even, who can say that one of their first dances as a married couple was on a dance floor shared with two horses under a sea of festoon lights while 180 family & friends watched on… More about that soon. Trent & Vanessa met on […]


September 16, 2022

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When Shaun and I met, we knew the rest was history. Our first date was at Cracker Barrel in Phoenix, AZ where I beat him in checkers and from there on out we were inseparable. We connect through so many things we loved like concerts, fishing, rodeos and hiking. A few short months after I moved to […]


September 16, 2022

WWMag Blog

Our Love Story began almost 10 years ago, when an Alberta country girl met a Manitoba farm boy. We both attended Lakeland College right out of high school and ended up being in the same diploma program – Animal Science Technology. The first day of campus we were paired up in a campus tour group for […]


September 12, 2022

WWMag Blog

We both graduated high school and moved to Stephenville in the fall of 2015 to attend college at Tarleton State University. I made friends with Cortney (MOH) at duck camp and we’ve been inseparable since. We frequently found ourselves at City Limits for nearly every “Two Step Tuesday” or country music concert. In December of […]


September 9, 2022

WWMag Blog

Bodie and I met in 2016 at a Super Bowl party, and ironically met through a mutual friend and our talented photographer/best friend Bailey! Ever since that day, the rest was history. We bonded over our love for the outdoors (he did take me horn hunting as our first date 6 miles through mud and slush, we still […]


September 7, 2022

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Chaylee went on a date with Kayden’s sister-in-law 4 years ago before either of them knew their now husbands!! Through instagram pictures Chaylee found Kayden and they went on their first date to Texas Road House followed by watching Dead Pool 1&2 they both knew that night that they found their forever! They were inseparable from that night […]


September 5, 2022

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I was raised on small farming operation in Northeast Iowa where we had some farm ground for row crop and a 1200 head feedlot. I have been riding horses my whole life and started rodeoing as soon as I was old enough to enter, mostly participating in barrel racing and pole bending. Through Junior High and High School I was a part of […]


September 2, 2022

WWMag Blog

My name is Madison Dow and my Fiancé is Matt De Wetering. We met while both competing on the Canadian IPRA Rodeo circuit here in Ontario. We have been best friends for a very long time prior to the stars aligning for us to start dating back in 2018. Matt is the 2019 IPRA Steer […]


August 31, 2022

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