YES! Just choose your country during check out and make sure you send us a picture of your issue wherever you are! We'd love to see WWM across the pond!

Do you ship your issues internationally?


Your first issue will hit stands and mail boxes this fall! Sit tight, it'll be so so worth it!

When will I get my issue?


How Many issues are in the annual subscription?


Four, they will go out quarterly. 

Please email We'd love to chat!

How can I advertise with you?


How can we work with you on a styled shoot?


Please email Let's work together!!

No application needed! We'd love to have you! Click here and fill out your info! Can't wait to have you on the list!

Where can I apply to be a vendor?


How much is the vendor list?


FREE. We believe in community over competition, so our vendor list is completely free!

So glad you asked! RIGHT HERE

Where can I submit to be featured?


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