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Apr 25

By Western Wedding Magazine
western wedding magazine

It’s no question whether or not we love turquoise, but where to buy quality turquoise is a good question. When making such a large purchase for your wedding accessories or your girls on your special day, you want to make sure what you’re buying is quality.  Turquoise is somewhat of a luxury item for most of us, and buying good quality turquoise isn’t easy on the wallet. They are investment pieces, statement pieces, and heirlooms. 

We have received a few requests for a Turquoise roundup, so we are here to deliver! We’ve compiled some of our favorite turquoise shops (which is alwayssss growing… there are so many good ones) on Instagram just for you! It’s no surprise that this platform is filled with turquoise enthusiasts who love jewelry just as much as we do.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that we’ve scoured all the antique stores, flea markets, pawnshops, and Native American shops within a 100-mile radius of our towns looking for that perfect piece. Yet, you still seem to come up short…. Unless you’re in New Mexico or AZ… then you’re hitting the jackpot!!

But HEY! Not to worry, we’ve done the driving for you! 

Bridesmaid gifts? Engagement accessories? Wedding accessories? All of the above? Turquoise is always the right answer.

You can view a few of our favorite websites by clicking their shop name and Insta by clicking their photo!

Calli Co. Silver

Turquoise & Teepees

western wedding magazine

Turquoise West Co.

Western Wedding Magazine

Buffalo Mercantile

Western Wedding Magazine

The Classy Trailer

Western Wedding Magazine

Flatland Trading

western wedding magazine

Mud Lowery

Western Wedding Magazine

Sierra Sage Designs

Western Wedding Magazine

Want to see how to style turquoise on your wedding day?!? Head over HERE to see our favorite ways!

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