4 Easy Wedding Decor Tips from the Ranch

Apr 26

Wedding tip Wednesday

By Western Wedding Magazine

Today we’re talking easy wedding decor you can find on the ranch.

This was a quick centerpiece we threw together this weekend. Adding greenery or a floral arrangement would be ideal, but like we said QUICK centerpiece. We grabbed a skull from the barn, a hide, wood rounds, thrift store find candlesticks, and a few odds and ends we have in our wedding decor shed.


Skulls can be used throughout your entire wedding, but today we’re just sharing how to incorporate them on your tables. The best thing about skulls is that they are FREE and you more than likely have them littered around the ranch or have a boneyard to pick from.

Of course, it goes without saying… but we’ll say it anyway. Make sure you hose out your skulls and let them sundry. No one likes critters near their dinner plate.


Hides are a great alternative to a table cloth. We understand that not everyone has 15-20 hides laying around, and that’s okay. You can use hides on the “special” tables. Like the sweetheart/head table or the dessert table, maybe the sign-in table as well. Calf hides make great runners too! You can layer these to create a longer runner or scatter them throughout the tables.


Want to add a little bit of romance to the table?! Look no further! These candleholders were found in a thrift store for about $1 each. If you are thinking you might like to incorporate candlesticks into your wedding decor, give yourself time to hunt for these. They are harder to find but VERY worth it. They can also be used in your home or for holiday dinners after the wedding id over (DUALITY IS OUR FAV!).


It’s been a trend recently to use wood rounds as centerpieces. We love the idea of using them in a different way… like for chargers! This is the most DIY decor tip for today, but we love them!

If you end up using one of these decor tips, let us know! Tag us in your photos. We’d love to see your spin on things!!

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