Who is Western Wedding Magazine?

Apr 27

By Western Wedding Magazine

Who is Western Wedding Magazine?

We are brides. We are bridesmaids. We are newly engaged. We are the future engaged. We are photographers, branding specialists, wedding coordinators, videographers, venue owners, website designers, bakers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

We don’t work in high-rise buildings. We live at the end of a dirt road. We are actual people. There’s no automated voice at the end of the call. We believe in honesty, loyalty, and working hard with a purpose.

We noticed a need and jumped on it. This is a passion project. When we say we are here for you, we are here. for. you.

This is not just a publication, a blog, or a platform. This is a community and a friendship.

We want you to think of us as your friend. We’re the friend who knows the wedding industry and has your best interest in mind. You can ask us anything. You’re not the only one that feels lost in a sea of wedding and bridal magazines that just doesn’t seem to understand who you are.

We are somewhere between Ranch & Reata and Rocky Mountain Bride, meets that one friend that is always there with the best advice.

We are the girl down the road.

We are here for you.

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