Summer Wyoming Engagement | Morghan + Tell

Apr 28

By Real Bride Morghan Ruggles

“Dec 01, 2018
It was our first time picking out a tree together (while living together). Tell had found a Christmas tree farm not too far from Stephenville. We woke up early got some breakfast at the Peacocks diner in town and headed out to get our tree. When we got to the Christmas tree farm it was kinda sad. A whole lot of Charlie Brown trees, I didn’t understand why Tell was so frustrated at the time (he planned on proposing there lol ) but we ended up leaving the farm treeless and a frustrated boyfriend. On our way back to Stephenville we decided to go get a tree from Lowes or Home Depot in the town over. I assured Tell it was okay but he was still pretty upset. We got a tree and some ornaments then went to Miyakos (a hibachi restaurant) for some sushi and drinks – this is our favorite restaurant of all time. 

We got back to our little cabin and started decorating the tree, I noticed Tell was recording us while we did it but didn’t really think much of it – he told me he wanted to do a time-lapse of us decorating. We finished the tree and he had stopped his time lapse and was being kinda funny.  We had pandora playing some music in the background the whole time and we started dancing like we always do, just messing around being goofy spinning each other and stuff. I finally grabbed my phone and said I’m headed to bed, he grabbed my hand and took my phone set it on the counter and asked me if I had a good day. 

I was like, yeah it was a great day babe. I grabbed my phone and started off to the bedroom- he took it away from me again and asked again if I had a really good day. I looked at him and said it was perfect, he then asked me if I wanted to make it a tradition. I said absolutely! He then followed by say… If we wanna make this a tradition I have a question to ask you first, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was bawling and freaking out and then just hugged him. I don’t think I even looked at the ring for a good 15 minutes because I was so shocked. 

We decided to wait until the next day to call, text and share the news. We absorbed every minute we had together. It was kinda magical (as cliche as that sounds). What I mean is- for one moment, he and I got to share something that no one else knew. We didn’t have our phones ringing or notifications flooding our screens. We had each other and the moment. That’s something no one else will be able to see, share or like and we are totally okay with that.”

Photographer | For the West & Wild 
Dresses |Boltic Born
Wedges |Jason Becker Custom Leather 
Groom |Cinch Button-ups

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