5 Timeline Tips

Apr 29


We enlisted our favorite wedding planner, Paige From Praire Moon Events for this one!

1. FIRSTLY, create a timeline and give yourself grace/extra time. Some things are bound to go over time and planning an extra 10-15 minutes for each thing will allow for that to happen. If they don’t go over time, then you just have extra time to enjoy the day!

2. Make sure your hair and make up team make not only you a priority, but the time line too. One of the number one things that will push your wedding time line back, is running over with hair and makeup. This can cause a domino effect, which ultimately eats into photo time. Also, make sure you hire ENOUGH artists. You’ll definitely go over time if you don’t have more than 1-2 artists working on 8 girls.

3. Know that the timeline is going to change, no matter how much you prepare for the day. Be flexible and trust that you have hired the best vendors! (shameless plug: this is when a coordinator comes in handy because they’re behind the scenes helping adjust the timeline as it needs to be, so the bride can be focused on being the bride.

4. Make sure catering is there AT LEAST 30 minutes pre-cocktail hour and 1 – 1.5 hours pre-dinner. If they aren’t, 9 times out of 10 your food will not get served on time.

5. Groomsmen and bridesmaids need to know what time they need to be on-site and what time they need to be ready. Ideally your coordinator will make sure that everyone is on track, but they should be communicated with pre-wedding!! More often than not, I’ll get to a wedding day and the groomsmen have not been told anything about what the day will look like!

We hope this was helpful! And if it was let us know or tag someone that might want to know too!

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