6 Engagement Outfit Tips

May 6

Wedding Tip Wednesday

We asked our WWMag community if they had questions when it came to engagement sessions, and by popular demand, there was a lot out outfit questions! We aren’t the fashion police or fashion bloggers, but we do know what looks good in front of the camera 😉

Outfits that match but aren’t “matchy”.

Start with shades of blue or burgundy – if you put your man in any blue or burgundy pearl snap you’ll almost always be able to match anything to him.

If you want to be a little more matchy, pull a color from the dress you’re wearing to match his shirt to (ideally one of the lesser obvious colors). Vice versa- if you want him in a print shirt, choose a color out of his shirt to wear for your outfit.

If you choose a brighter color, have him wear something that neutralizes it…. so if you’re wearing bright yellow, he’s wearing a deeper blue. To tie the look together, you can wear a color matching wild rag. That breaks up the tone of the light dress and it makes your outfit match his in the smallest most perfect way.

western engagement outfit

Keep in mind when choosing an outfit-

For a general look at colors: wear the color that matches your skin tone the most! Also, try to stay away from both of you wearing the same solid color. You can both be in solids, just make sure that they compliment each other, rather than exactly match one another. This will help you to not blend together in pictures.

Outfits that feel timeless.

Choose something that is true to your style! Chances are if you try to wear something that feels ‘trendy’, you won’t feel like yourself and it will cause you to feel like your pictures go “out of style” faster. It will also cause you to look uncomfortable in pictures because you don’t feel like yourself!

Lastly, don’t knock neutral tones! Neutrals are always a good staple. Plus, you can re-wear these pieces throughout your wardrobe. Not to mention they will match the interior of your house as your style changes (dual purpose with functionality that looks pretty- again, that’s out favorite!).

If you’re questioning your color choices, shoot us a message- we’d love to help ya out!

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