Tips For the Cowboy who Hates Taking Photos

May 6

Wedding Tip Wednesday

You are not alone on this one. Most guys hate pictures. The best advice we can give is this-

Make sure you have a photographer that really matches well with both of your personalities. This will make him and you more comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to bribe him. Beer, tacos, something less g rated… whatever. Most photographers are totally okay with him brining along a 6 pack to the session. This will take the edge off, and most of the time offers a great photo opportunity!

Let him know that engagement photos aren’t like they used to be. You’re not standing there in awkward positions smiling until your cheeks hurt for an hour. More often than not, your photographer will be giving you prompts that create movement, and then will sprinkle in a few more posed ones in between. This will help him with not feeling like he has to pose the whole time.

Also, ask your photographer before hand if you can listen to music during your session. Make a playlist of both of your favorite songs. This eliminates awkward silences and your more comfortable if you’re listening to songs you love listening to.

Taking photos is a common worry with guys, but to be honest 90% of the time, when asked what he thought of the session after it was over, he’ll say, “Pretty fun. Not as bad as I thought!”.

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