Arkansas Wedding | Sarah + Douglas

May 14

By Real Bride Sarah Henry + Western Wedding Magazine

We’re sharing Sarah and Douglas‘ wedding today and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Not only does she have the cutest dog of honor ever, she really put a lot of effort into her wedding details!

If you’re needing some wedding inspiration, her wedding has tones of it! Here’s some things to note:
-furniture (all hers or family btw!)
-barn decor
-vendor shoutouts
-bridesmaid details
-ring box (we talked about these earlier this week! Check the blog)
-bridal hat (another post to check out on the website)
-where she chose to incorporate color
-groom attire

The Henry wedding is full of inspiration. Let us know if their wedding gave you any ideas for your own! We love being able to help inspire your wedding!

The Love Story

“We grew up in towns not far from each other and knew a lot of the same people growing up but we were involved in different things so our paths never crossed! I grew up showing and judging livestock and playing sports, and Douglas has rodeoed and team roped his whole life.
We went to the same community college our first year out of high school and had mutual friends again. We had both ended our high school relationships part of the way through our freshman year and started hanging out around our similar friend groups! Then believe it or not I got his Snapchat from my best friend and we started talking! Haha

We went on a few dates and hung out a bunch at school and after a few months of talking he asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day of 2015! We dated through him moving to Texas for work for 4 months, me going to school in Fayetteville, Arkansas (3 hours from home) for 2.5 years, and then he proposed on December 16th!

Our engagement story is kind of funny.

So it was during the NFR, and he came over to my house to watch it with my parents and I one night.
For a while I had been asking him to let me take pictures of him with his horses for some ‘cowboy content’ for my portfolio, and he randomly brought it up that night that we should do some the next day. I told him that if we did he would want to agree to take some pictures with me too since we hadn’t had any done in a long time! (Which worked out perfectly for him) because we made plans for his sister to come take the ones of us!

So anyways, we were watching the NFR, and I was working on editing some pictures.

The day before he had helped me move back home from college and I still had a chair in the back of his truck. (He never lets me drive his truck..) but he randomly hands me his keys and asks me to pull his truck up to the garage so we could unload my chair. So while I go outside to get the truck, HE ASKS MY DAD FOR HIS PERMISSION!

I come back in the house and don’t know anything has happened. But the next day I go over to his house and we do his photo shoot with his horses, go through the whole evening and finally get to when we are doing ours together.
His sister takes the camera and we take a bunch of photos, then she says “I saw this really cute photo where the girl stands up in front of the guy and the guy tackles her from behind and the hug and it’s so cute! You should try it!” So they got me all set up, and I’m prepared to take the hit. But he takes forever?? So I turn around to see what he’s doing and he’s DOWN ON HIS KNEE!!!

I said yes, obviously, and the rest is history!!”

BRIDE | @sarah_a_henry2 @sarahcaldwellphoto
VENUE | The Barn at Moore’s
PHOTOGRAPHER | @madiwagnerphotography
VIDEOGRAPHER | Huemanity Photography and Videography
DRESS | @bylillianwest
HER HAT | @herringcustomhats
HIS HAT | @americanhatco
FLORALS | @daymakerdesign
EARRINGS | @doublembeadwork
NECKLACE | @prairieskyjewelryco

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