Pasture Engagement | Dillon + Tyra

May 16

By Real Bride, Tyra

The Love Story
“We’ve known each other since I was 7 and he was 10. We use to play and ride horses together with some family friends. As we got older we would still see each other all the time, but wouldn’t hang out anymore. My mom would always tell me that we would get married and I thought it was gross.

Fast forward a few years, he left to Farrier school in Oklahoma. When he was home, he would always shoe my horses. I left for college shortly after and he would reach out via snapchat but I would always leave him on red because I wouldn’t know what to say back.

After I got home we started talking and eventually dating. The song “rumor” by Lee Brice became our song. We moved in together, and everyone would tell us just to hurry up and get married. (Little did I know he was already designing the ring.)

We got engaged on Christmas and he wrote me a letter and at the ending it had the lyrics to our song, “theres a rumor going round bout me and you, what do you say we make it true? Mr and Mrs. Seger?” When I looked up he was down on one knee. I finally said “Its about time! YES!”

 “They plan on getting married this September as she’ll take his last name, and they’ll start their future together. As a best friend of Tyra’s for many years, I was so glad that Tyra and Dillon found each other again, but this time as soulmates. They really do compliment each other. I loved being able to take their engagements and seeing their love even more.” -Photographer, Maddy Beins

PHOTOGRAPHER | Maddy Beins Photography

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