Texas Engagement | Bethany + Hunter

May 30

By Real Bride Bethany + WWMag

5 things to look for while checking out this amazing session:

1) Outfit change! Most photographers allow for at least 1 outfit change during a photo session. Take advantage of this opportunity!

2) One of these outfits should be a dress. Notice how Bethany has so perfectly chosen a flowy and free dress. This allows for fun movement with your fiance throughout the day, but also for some awesome shots (i.e. the dress dropping picture at the end *all the heart eyes*).

3) Okay we know we’re talking a lot about outfits, but Bethany has such great engagement outfit ideas for y’all, we couldn’t help but point out one last thing! Our last piece of advice on outfits is to not be afraid to have bright colored clothes! Now Bethany went with one subtle outfit and one bright and happy one, but if you’re a bright personality, it’s okay to have 2 bright outfits!! The main thing to focus on when picking out colors for your outfits is to make sure that they match your skin tone. Other than that, go crazy and have fun!

4) ALWAYS BRING THE PUPPIES!!! We most definitely say this every time there’s an engagement session, or puppies…but it deserves to be repeated. We especially love when the dogs have a way of unexpectedly sneaking into the background. Keep an eye out and see if you can find Bethany and Hunters baby Ruger!

5) Last but not least, height difference is a thing. We understand that you may wonder what the best poses are if there’s a foot height difference between you and your boo! Well good thing is, if you have the right photographer they’ll be able to help make this height difference almost disappear (shout-out to Samantha for always making her couples look so comfortable! what an artist!!). While the height difference between Bethany and Hunter isn’t obvious, we’re here to point out that it is there. So if you feel like there may be that awkward space between you and boo, take a look at these poses for some inspiration!!


“We met on Instagram, I followed him because I thought he was cute. I messaged him and we just continued talking after that and dated a year later. We got engaged after a year and some months at the property he bought for us to build a house on! We were taking pictures for our Christmas cards when he proposed. It was so sweet. He had all of my family and friends hiding in our shop, and they all came out after he proposed! Not sure how he pulled it off without me knowing!”- Bride Bethany

PHOTOGRAPHER | Samantha Kaye Photography
COUPLE | Bethany Royer (@bethany_rr) + Hunter Smith (@htsmith7) featuring fur babe Ruger

Bethany : Snake Skin Top – Buckin Wild Designs & Boutique
Black Bells – Show me your MuMu
Yellow Dress – Lulu’s
Hunter : Shirts and Jeans – Cinch

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