Whiskey Bound for Love | Chelsi + Nick

Jun 4

It’s not everyday that we get to share one of our favorite vendors/makers love story, and what better couple than Chelsi and Nick?!

Chelsi and Nick own Whiskey Bound Leather Co. They produce incredible pieces of art from sneaker inlays to hat bands, wallets, purses, belts and everything in-between.
They are creative entrepreneurs, bad a** business owners, western fashion trend setters, and incredibly kind folks. We feel so honored to be able to work with them and share their love story.

If you are in need of anything leather for your wedding day, they’ve got you covered!
Whiskey Bound Leather Co.

See more of what they can offer for you on your wedding day!

The Love Story
It all started in 2014 when we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend at a local bar in Oklahoma City. We were both there to do what we love, to dance! As we started dating, the next few years were spent on the dance floor falling more in love each time. In 2017, we started our business. It came about by Chelsi seeing a clutch she wanted but didn’t have the money to purchase at the time. We figured with us both being pretty crafty we could build a similar bag ourselves.
After that first clutch, Whiskey Bound Leather Co. was born. Later that year, we were engaged and then married the following year. Since then our business has flourished more than we ever expected, allowing me to go full time with the leather work. While Chelsi is still full time as an RN, she also has a hand in all of our productions. We have also added another member to our WB team. We welcomed our first child, Stetson Wade, in July of 2019.

COUPLE | Chelsi + Nick
LEATHER | Whiskey Bound Leather
PHOTOGRAPHER | Two Sticks Photography
WEDDING HAT | Warbonnet Hat Works

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