Sand Dune Engagement | Kellie + Gary

Jun 24

Remember when we said to find unique locations for your engagement shoot? Well that is exactly what Kellie and Gary chose to do. You can choose practically anywhere, and we’re excited to see where you go!!

On another note, always make sure you’re extra comfortable whenever you are taking engagement pictures. You don’t have to try and fit in with whatever the most popular style is. If you’re most comfortable hanging with your fiance by the tank on your land just fishing and drinking beer….well then have your engagement pictures there!! Ultimately these images are a reflection of who y’all are as a couple. Gary and Kellie just so happened to be most comfortable horseback.

We can’t wait to see what you do for your engagement pictures!! But until then, enjoy these awesome images by Lemon and Honey Photos!!!

“Gary + Kellie live on a ranch just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho, and of course wanted their horses included in their engagement session. We decided the sand dunes would be incredible with the horses and planned for early spring before the sand got to extreme temperatures. 
My favorite part of this session was when we were crossing the dunes and had a long ways to walk, Kellie hopped on Gary’s horse and told me to get on her horse. I absolutely loved being able to ride across the sand dunes with my clients, such a great memory!”

PHOTOGRAPHER | Lemon & Honey Photos

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