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Jul 4

We love a good grand exit, but not everyone does one.
We think it has to do with well, when you exit you’re usually the last man and woman standing (or stumbling) on the dance floor.

Not to mention, your photographer has probably already left by the time the party dies down
(unless you’ve paid them for extra hours).

If you want those grand exit photos but are on the fence about it, stick around, and we’ll see if we can help you come to a decision.

 Western Wedding Grand Exits

Exit, before the EXIT.

If you want a grand exit, make sure you do it before your photographer leaves.
We suggest doing the “faux” exit right before the rug really starts getting cut up. This is usually right as the sun is going down and is the perfect way to start the party off right!

 Western Wedding Grand Exits

A grand exit- entrance, if you will.

You can also make your grand exit, a grand entrance! Right as you come back from those gorgeous golden hour photos and just as the sun fades behind the horizon, strut back into your wedding with another grand entrance!

Let the sparks fly during your first dance….. (que t-swift)

One of our favorite ways to incorporate sparklers in your wedding day is to have it during your first dance!
This way you can still get your grand exit vibes and add an extra touch to your first dance.

 Western Wedding Grand Exits

Other Grand Exit Ideas

You don’t have to use sparklers for your exit! Here are a few more ideas we love!
Champagne Exit
Hat Tunnel Exit
Confetti Poppers Exit
Glitter Exit
Bubble Exit
Lantern Exit
Streamer Exit
Silly String Exit
Petal / Leaf Exit
Colored Smoke Exit
Feather Exit
Fireworks Exit

 Western Wedding Grand Exits
 Western Wedding Grand Exits

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