Nebraska Engagement | Trevor + Grayce

Jul 8


“I recently traveled to the sand hills of Nebraska for this long-awaited engagement session with Trevor + Grayce, because ya know, COVID.
We shot their session just outside of Mullen Ne, their hometown. I absolutely adore these two.
Trevor came down the hill hauling their boots + change of clothes and was clearly so excited for picture day. In the true nature of a cowboy though, he took off his hat, shook my hand and said,
“nice to meet you, I’ll be in a better mood when we get started.” LOL.
It didn’t take long to pick up on the nature of their relationship. Grayce, as sweet as she is, is ornery. And Trevor does a danged good job loving her regardless. As a true testament to their relationship, their engagement story is no different.”

“He bought a ring a couple months before but was just waiting until the right time. But anyone who knows us should have known our engagement would go like this. We headed to a banquet in town and I was throwing some major sass his way for making us a little bit late. So, on our less than five-minute drive he told me how beautiful I looked. I threw even more sass at him by asking if he like all my jewelry I had on because there was no ring to match it. He giggled, kissed me. parked his pickup and told me to head in, he had to grab something. I got halfway to the doors when he asked me to stop and wait. When he walked up to me he got down on one knee and pulled the ring out of his front shirt pocket and the rest is history.”

PHOTOGRAPHER | Native Roaming Photography

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