10 Gifts under $50 for the Cowboy Groomsmen

Jul 14

By Western Wedding Magazine

We’ve gotten a few requests for groomsmen gifts recently, so we decided to do a round up for you! Not only are the guys going to love these gifts, but we found ourselves needing these too!

Here are a few functional groomsmen gifts any cowboy would appreciate, all under $50.

Yeti Cup
Because you can never have enough.

Wild Rag
This can double as a groomsmen gift + wedding attire (winter / fall wedding).
Stop by your favorite local saddle shop or head over to
MT Wild Rags
Use thankyou for 15% off! 

or Buck Wild Rags to grab a few!
Use WEST15 for 15% off total purchase!

Ammo Can
Because, bullets.

Snap Back ball cap
For the “Town Trips”.

Horsemanship DVD’s or books
Because he should always strive to be a better hand.

J Bar D Shave / toiletries bag
Because he’ll lose everything at the Bach party.

Buck Knife
Again, because you can never have too many.

Gift Certificate to the local Meat / Butcher shop
Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

Leather Calf Book
For the first calf heifers, or so he cant get mad at his girl when he forgets the tag number.

Cocktail Kit
Because no great story ever started off with a salad.

You can give these individually, or you can do a combo to hit your price point. We’ve combined a few to help your creative juices start flowing!

Yeti + Leather Calf Book
Ammo Can + Cocktail Kit + Snap Back
Yeti + Cocktail Kit
Gift Certificate + Buck Knife
Wild Rag + Snap Back

Not in the market for groomsmen gifts right now?! Save this to your Pinterest and come back to it around Christmas time. You’ll be glad you did!

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