Summer Engagement | Jessica + Jake

Jul 15


We always get questions about how to feel comfortable in front of the camera or how to pose during your session.

But the truth is, feeling comfortable starts way before you ever show up to your session. It starts when you book you photographer.

Make sure when you are looking for a photographer, you not only love their work, but you also love them. That’s the first step in being comfortable in font of the camera. If you don’t like your photographer personally, then you probably wont feel the most comfortable around them.

Those beautiful natural looking photos you see all the time, come from feeling comfortable in front of their photographer…. And from a new style of photography. Within the past couple years, photography sessions have transformed into more action based prompts which lead to genuine reactions. AKA, your photographer will give you a prompt and while you are doing said prompt, she’ll be capturing the magic. Not all of these will be prompts, you’ll also have poses in there too!

Another thing to think of before your session is music. Music can transform an awkward quiet session into one that is full of laughter and sweet moments real quick! Most of the time your photographer will already be playing music, but if you’re concerned about it, we suggest coming up with a spotify playlist of some of your favorite music. That way you can send it to your photographer to play during your session. If you need a playlist or two, we have a few for you!


Lastly, bring the booze. There’s nothing that can help you loosen up like a beer or two!

All of these combined, will create a more natural and comfortable photo session! We hope that this was helpful and calmed some of your nerves! Now, go get dolled up and have fun! And hell, bring some booze with you too!

BRIDE | Jessica from The Vaquera Way
PHOTOGRAPHER | @jameylareephotography
RING | B bar J Custom Designs
SKIRT | Revelry
MENS OUTFIT | Wrangler
Blanket | Pendleton

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