Winter New Mexico Elopement | Brooklyn + Caleb

Jul 22

By D. Berger Photography

“When Brooklyn first messaged me, I clicked her profile to get a feel for her style and background. I knew one thumb scroll in, I needed to be their photographer. Brooklyn and Caleb’s story is a funny one, they both grew up ranching in southern New Mexico and after some years apart rekindled their friendship quickly turned relationship long distance, Brook then returned to New Mexico and the rest is history

I myself grew up in the New Mexico mountains so when she mentioned they were getting hitched elopement style in Sierra Blanca mountains I knew this western styled couple would be picture perfect for my business too!

I like to keep things laid back and comfortable when booking a couple for a wedding. I think anyone in this industry knows how intense wedding planning can become and I like to think I can alleviate that stress from the photography stand point, Brook and I communicated like old friends, it was truly smooth sailing up until wedding day.

Wedding day rolls around, Friday the 13th. Am I right? I only live a couple hours from this incredible venue, so I drove up the morning of the ceremony. I remember walking outside and thinking “You have got to be kidding me.” Pouring. Rain. I thought eh, no big deal Ruidoso is a couple hours away, it will clear up by then. New Mexico has a thing for throwing weather curveballs. As I drove and it continued to pour Brook and I both on edge, the entire 2 hour and 47-minute drive, it, poured. 

I ran up to Brooks room where she looked STUNNING, the first look was going to take place inside Inn of the Mountain Gods famous staircase overlooking the lake. As Brook came down the stairs Caleb melted and it was so pure, and for a moment IT QUIT RAINING. The entire wedding party including guests was around 12 people, all 12 of us basically ran outside to catch this break! 

Their ceremony was beautiful. In front of their, parents and grandparents Brook & Caleb had the most intimate and Godly ceremony I have ever witnessed, you could feel it in the air. Moments into the ring exchange here came the rain again. The 2nd half of the short and sweet ceremony was accompanied by some slight drizzles before we took off for couples’ photos. 

The cowboy details of this wedding were timeless and tasteful, felt hats and pressed jeans, silver-smithed rings and a little turquoise. These two took off to Dallas shortly after to begin their new lives as Mr. and Mrs. Turner but their wedding will remain a New Mexican treasure forever”. 


Everything was done by their family, or was heirlooms and the venue was Inn of the Mountain Gods in Ruidoso they did everything themselves!

PHOTOGRAPHER | The Blonde Buffalo
VENUE | Inn of the Mountain Gods

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