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Aug 7

By Real Bride, Kati

When we found Kati’s wedding, we immediately fell in love. It was just oone picture, but we knew we had just hit the motherlode of wedding amazingness and inspirations. And damn, if we were right!

Not every wedding has to be head to toe western. While we are big proponents of that, some brides are a little more modern and we dig that too!

Things to pay attention to…. the details:

1. Guest Table Centerpieces!!!!! Notice how the round table centerpieces match the ceremony archway?? Holy cow how cool!! Also we love how they’re open in the middle. It decorates the table (rather perfectly if I might add) while also allowing for all the guests seated at the table to be able to see. A lot of times, centerpieces will block the view of half the table from the other half. With this open concept centerpiece, it allows for depth throughout the room design without blocking your guests view!
2. Multi-colored bridesmaid dresses! Kati chose multiple colors for her bridesmaid dresses to compliment her flower colors/theme colors. We’ve said this multiple times, but it’s worth noting again!! We are MAJOR advocates for extra colorful bridesmaid dresses! It helps tie in your color scheme on another level, and it provides such a cool looking depth to all your pictures!
3. Ribbons on the bridal bouquet! Do you love the idea of having a long bouquet or long design with your gown, but don’t love the look of a waterfall bouquet? Well ribbons are your answer. You can make them as long as you want, and the way they flow in the wind/when you move…well let’s just say BREATHTAKING!
4. Napkins at every place setting! We understand. Sometimes it can be financially straining to do place settings at every single guest seat. To save on the expense of doing an entire place setting at each seat, while still having a gorgeous design throughout the entire venue, just do either a charger or a napkin that matches your colors at each seat! Kati and Tanner did both at theirs, but it would look just as amazing with 1 or the other!

The Love Story

PS. we might have almost cried reading their love story… maybe..

“My husband and I met when we were in middle school and instantly became best friends. We grew up down the street from one another and we spent an entire summer together. We were inseparable that year. Fast forward to high school and we went different directions but we would still meet in the mornings before school at sonic and have breakfast together. We always dated other people but somehow we always ended up together when life got hard. Finally my sophomore year in college I realized he was the one all along. I knew my life long best friend was the one I was going to marry one day, and the rest is history! 

My favorite part of our wedding day was our first look! It was raw, emotional and filled with so much happiness. We laughed and cried reading our vows. Laughed because we are so much alike our vows sounded like we wrote them together. In that moment I knew without a doubt we are the same person. 

Another fun part of our first look was Tanner knew my dress was by the designer Made With Love so he got on their website and picked out which dress he thought I picked and he was right… he knows me too well!!”


Venue: Rosemary Ridge
Photographer: Love Sick Photographs
Wedding Planner: Detailed Dream Events
Florals: Bayly Blooms
Food truck: Taco Nation
Live band/DJ: String and Sound 
Cake: Uptown Grocery 
Dress: Chantilly Couture by Made With Love
Hat: Lack of color 
Hair: Calihan Nelson
Makeup: Caitlin Payne Beauty 

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