Western Wedding Magazine | A first issue teaser

Aug 25

We thought we’d share a teaser from our first issue with you!

Two weeks ago, our team packed up and headed to Graford, TX for a week full of styled shoots, interviews, and product line photos. Yes, you read that right… product photos! (We’ll leave you guessing as to what that means 😉 ). Katy and Austin along with some other pretty amazing folks stuck around for the whole thing, and we couldn’t be more grateful. 

We can’t wait to share all of what we worked on and so much more when the first issue finally hits stands this fall! But for now, we really wanted to dive into what the magazine is about and why we started it.

Western Wedding Magazine started from the realization that there weren’t any magazines or online platforms specifically for western brides and vendors. There were instagram accounts and blogs, but beyond that, we felt as though something was missing. In January this year, we made it our mission to bring the western world its first western wedding magazine. It was a leap of faith, a “life is short, so go on and live it” moment.  Yup, we did just quote Chris Cagle.

We recognized there was an entire population that needed a place of their own. So, we did it. It might have taken us a few months, but we did it and now here we are!

Our core values are pretty simple: 

1. be informative + trustworthy

2. work with purpose

3. culture + community are the glue that holds us together

4. In everything you do, do it with grace.

We strive to carry these values through every blog post, every social media post, and every magazine issue. 

This magazine isn’t just a normal bridal or wedding magazine. In it, you’ll find inspiration for your own wedding, but also quite a bit of the western culture. We’ll cover topics from what to wear as a wedding guest, to bridal shower ideas, to featured weddings, and everything in between.

Other things you’ll find in each issue:

Engagement tips

Wedding Inspo

Western Fashion & Lifestyle content

Cowboy Poetry / History

If you’re not getting married at the moment, there’s still something in there for your too. We’ll be sharing promo codes (worth more than a subscription itself!), guest tips, gift guides, and thats just a few. 

Every issue will also touch base on western culture + history by sharing how you can infuse your own cowboy culture / history into your wedding. And because Cattlewomen are ladies who we are are inspired by, and grow up to be, each issue will give a portion of its earnings back to the Cattlewomen’s Association of each state that particular issue is based in.

We’d love to answer any questions you may have, and we cant wait for it to be on doorsteps this fall!

If you haven’t gotten your issue or subscription yet, what are you waiting for?! 

Here are a few sneaks from one of our styled engagement shoots! There are quite a few clues in each photo for what we are reading with our magazine. Any guesses?!

PHOTOGRAPHER | Bailey Creed Photo
MODELS + GOOD SPORTS | Austin + Katy Adams
HATS | Warbonnet Hat Works
HER SHIRT | Blush Out West
HER BOOTS | Old Gringo
DRESS | Hico Mercantile
JEWELS + ACCESSORIES | Heritage Style, Calli Co Silver, Goldie Lew + Vintage finds
HAIR | The Chair Collective

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