Washoe Valley | CALLI + LOGAN

Sep 20

We love sessions that are different and stand out from others! Many of you have probably seen the Yellowstone inspired photo shoots recently with the trough tub. We love that they took that trend and put their spin on it!

Jacque O Photography did such a great job with these!

“I had posted about how much I love those old black and white images with the cowgirl in the tub holding a bottle of Jack Daniels, and Calli had replied. She reached out saying she wanted to do it but with her boyfriend and make it a couples shoot. We shot these images in Washoe Valley, NV. A beautiful local lake that is a great secret with beautiful views and super soft sand. We were reaching the end of our photoshoot, I had just got them into the tub, and we watched some wild mustangs roll right over to us like we were old friends. In NV it is not unusual to see the wild horses but them getting this close made us feel like they were not wild AT ALL. It was the cutest bachelor stallion herd. All stallions, which is quite unique too. They hung out for the entire last bit of our shoot, coming as close as 4 feet from us. It was such a magical moment for everyone. The photos turned out seriously UNREAL. I can’t wait for you guys to take a look into this insanely rad moment!

Calli & Logan. This was the most sweetest couples session, they have been together for about 9 months and Logan is so sweet and tender and loving towards Calli. This shoot was a collaborative effort between me and them.  “

PHOTOGRAPHER | Jacque O Photography

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