Texas Engagement Session | ASHLEY + AUSTIN

Sep 23

There are so many things we loved about this engagement session, one of which happens at the end, so stick around!

THE TAKE AWAY | things to note
1. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, always wear
something functional + something flowy for your engagement photos. We’ve done an even bigger outfit break down here, so head that way for more inspo and tips!

2. Bring a hide. As a photographer, it’s a great piece to keep in your photog tool kit, but as a client, if you’re wanting to do any sitting photos it’s a great alternative to a picnic blanket. We, also suggest bringing your fav Pendleton too!

3. We love a good session that ends a horseback, but this one takes the cake! Tighten your cinch and scroll down to the bottom of this session… we’re sure Austin isn’t thrilled it was caught on camera… but we selfishly are!


“We met like 4-5 years ago at the Washington County Fair. We then reconnected in June of 2018 and it’s been history since!! 

We like just being together!! Whether it’s a Netflix date night, doing something at the barn, or actually going out somewhere!

He asked me in the most perfect way! Our 2 year anniversary was on Friday July 3. His family normally has a 4th of July party every year. So I had actually been having a terrible couple of weeks at work and I had just gotten off work that morning before the party. I was exhausted! But my mom had texted me earlier in the week saying they were going to come to town early on Friday so she could “pamper me” since I’d had such a rough time at work. They got here, and my mom, sister, and I left for town. Little did I know, this whole take me to town deal was so they could sneak my whole family into the back yard! We got back from town and my mom led me to the back yard where everyone was waiting in a big circle with Austin in the middle. It was so perfect!!” – Real Bride Ashley

PHOTOGRAPHER | Samantha Kaye Photography

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