5 Fall Date Night Ideas

Oct 12

Jessi Smith Photography on Instagram: “Whether you’re picking pumpkins, chasing whitetails, or cheering on your fave football team, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find someone…”

Just because you become a fiancé doesn’t mean you stop going on dates…. unless you’re engaged to a cowboy during shipping season… or calving season… or branding season… futurity season… or hunting season… but you get the picture!
We want to encourage you to take time off from all the busy seasons and wedding planning and go on dates together! And what better time to have fun date nights than in the fall??

1) P U M P K I N  P A T C H!!! It’s the obvious go to, but there’s a reason for that. It’s a blast. Simple, inexpensive, and such a fun way to get out off the ranch. Want to make it more fun/special? Bring a photographer along and your pups (y’all know WWM loves those dogs)! Make it a full on pumpkin themed night. Pick out pumpkins, head back home for dinner and a movie, and pumpkin carving!!

2) Feel like staying at home? Grab your bedroll or a stack of blankets, pillows and snack food (all your favorites – it’s date night so calories don’t count right?), take them out to the bed of the truck and look at the stars! Or better yet, find a clear wall and project your favorite fall time movie on it under the stars. This one is a fairly inexpensive date, but helps you remember to stop and enjoy the little things!!

3) Corn. Maze. Yes we know it is very easy to get lost. But wouldn’t you rather be doing something fun and getting lost with the love of your life instead of planning day in and day out all things wedding? Wanna add a crazy twist? One of you go in blindfolded trusting your fiancé to lead you through blindly! Then switch off and do it again vice versa.

4) Are the mountains calling? Load up the horses and go packing! Take time away from the hustle and bustle of the world, from planning your wedding and thinking about plans for after getting married. Grab your bedrolls and go!

5) Plan a group date! Whether it’s to a haunted house, game night under the stars (or string lights), or movie night with all the fall favorite snacks/activities. While having a date night for just the two of you is a blast (and we definitely recommend it), sometimes it’s nice to have some time with your closest friends – especially in the fall!!

Let us know if you are able break away from the ranch to head into town for a much needed needed night! We’d love to see your photos, so don’t forget to tag us!

PHOTOGRAPHER | J. Smith Photos

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