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Oct 14

Timeline Talk with our resident planer Paige Keller

Over the next couple months, we’re going to talk with y’all about the timeline of your wedding day. We know whenever you start planning that it’s difficult to figure out when your ceremony should start, when you should exit, when you need to get to the venue to get everything done. The list could go on for quite some time, and it can be quite daunting looking at all the different details that have to be gone over! Our goal is to help take some of that stress away, and give you some pointers on those nitty gritty details.

For those who don’t know what a timeline even is, it’s basically the blueprint for your wedding day. It starts whenever you enter your venue (or arrive at your family land) and doesn’t end until you leave at the end of the day as newlyweds. It includes info like when the ceremony starts, when you want to do hair and makeup, when you want dinner to be served, etc. It has a lot more details included (remember we said the whole blueprint?), but you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we’re covering!

So, first and foremost – why do you even need a timeline for your wedding day anyways? Or rather, why do you need the perfectly crafted timeline? There are so many issues that can be solved by having a simple understanding of a timeline. Issues like how long you have your venue, photographer, and hair and makeup; or when you should start your ceremony depending on how long of a reception you want. Or even if it’s really worth paying to have someone come in and do the decorating for you! So for the next couple months you’ll get a crash course on how to plan for your wedding day timeline at the beginning of planning, rather than feeling like you’re doing a bunch of changing around during the last 1-3 months before the wedding day!

Now, don’t get overwhelmed. You do not have to start making your timeline right now. That’s why you have a planner and photographer who work to make up a timeline for you. This is simply meant to help you as you start booking to better know what you’ll need to plan for. We’ll cover topics from the very start of the day, all the way to when you say goodbye and run away with your new spouse. If you have specific questions and don’t feel like we’re covering it, reach out! Send us a message on Instagram and let us know how you need help. We’re here for you!!

In the meantime, enjoy looking through this session from Lauren Maeve Photography! We cannot stress this enough when we say, incorporate who YOU are into your engagement session and wedding day. That’s exactly what Michaela and Shawnee did in this session, and wow we are in L O V E. Hope y’all love this as much as we do!!!

photographer | Lauren Maeve Photography
couple | Michaela + Shawnee Muncy

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