Tie-ing the Knot

Oct 20

By Western Wedding Magazine + Morghan Ruggles

Tie the knot in these custom Teal Blake ties!

Teal Blake Western Wedding Groom

Teal Blake is the epitome of western art. If you love western artwork or old western prints, guaranteed you have come across his nam or his father’s. Teal comes from the western side of the Rocky Mountains in Montana and is an award winning artist creating beautiful traditional western artwork pieces that are sure to be admired and passed down through generations.  

Teal recently made some custom ties that would suite any western wedding. The groom and groomsmen will catch all the attention in these unique western styled ties. If you’ve been searching for a way to spruce up your man or groomsmen on the big way, check out these literal pieces of art that they can wear.

These “bronc ties” can add some serious flair to any wedding.

Not only are these a great options for groom and groomsmen, but they also make a great groomsmen gift. They are all one of a kind and sure to make any western wedding unique. 

Photos + Painting – Teal Blake 

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