Wichita Mountain Engagement |Kait + Clint

Feb 8

WWM: Where did you choose to have your engagement pictures taken and why that location?  

Kait: We drove about 2.5 hours north to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. Clint is originally from the area and this last spring, while visiting his home, he had taken me on a date to the wildlife refuge. The views were mesmerizing and at that time, not yet engaged, I instantly knew this would be the perfect place for him to ask me! (He ended up asking me on our home place the night before my birthday, as we were riding horses and checking fence, which was JUST as, if not more, special!) Anyway, two areas on the refuge – The Holy City and the top of Mount Scott – stood out to me the most and I knew we had to make the trip back for engagements. 

WWM: How did you decide on outfits for you and your fiancé? Did you base his outfit on what you were planning to wear? Was there a color scheme you wanted to stick too? 

Kait: Truth is I wear workout gear 6/7 days of the week so any chance I get to dress up and look like a girl, I love it! After getting engaged I, of course, followed all the bridal and wedding-themed Instagram accounts including Western Wedding Magazine for some inspiration on looks that would be timeless for years to come. Flowy dresses seemed to be “the look” and from there I let Clint pick our outfits. From turquoise to clothes, he hands down has better style than me. I sent him a few dresses I liked from various boutiques and he picked out the blue dress because he, “likes my blonde hair paired with blue” and the cream dress he said made me look like a bride. Fun story about his outfit – I love him in the color blue as well and he has one white and blue striped button-up that he always wears. That was going to be our “go-to” shirt yet again until he miraculously lost it the day before our photo shoot. Thankfully we have NRS right down the road and he came back with 5 shirts for me to choose from. I picked out a different shirt than what he wore, but again – he has “better style” so his choice won. So color scheme-wise, I’d say we had a blue theme going, mixed with a more elegant look for the mountain.

WWM: How did you prep for this shoot? Did you have your hair and makeup done? Plan outfits in advance? 

Kait: Clint gets Thursdays and Sundays off from work so after coordinating with our photographer Lacy we found a Thursday that would work for all three of us. As far as hair and makeup go, one of my best friends Tawni Tuckfield has done my hair for some time now. She’s truly my fairy godmother when it comes to hair and makeup and any idea I have, she produces 10x better. Tawni did both my hair and makeup the morning of and I’m so excited as she will be doing my hair and makeup AND standing beside me on my special day. Outfit wise – well I briefly summarized that up in the last question – let’s just say I’m a planner and had my dresses for at least 2 weeks before the day and then there’s Clint – hunting for his shirt and a clean pair of jeans, both of which were supposed to already be starched the day before….

WWM: Tell me about y’all! How did y’all meet? Include any details you want me to know or that are important to you. 

Kait: I like to tell people our love for agriculture and the western industry, along with God’s helping hand, led us to one another. The saying “we found each other when we weren’t even looking” holds true for us. I started working at NRS Trailers June of 2018 as their Marketing Manager and Clint started shortly after in July of that same year as a salesman. At the time, we both were in relationships with other people, yet became good friends and him, myself, and a group of co-workers – all around the same age – would often go to Fuzzy’s after work for Taco Tuesdays. I remember admiring how respectful, genuine, and good-hearted he was – having nothing but kind words to say about really anyone he ever spoke of and I thought to myself, actually I prayed, that one day I’d marry a man with characteristics like his. Fast forward 8 months and God’s timing just lined up for both of us. I always prayed for a man that was truly my best friend and that’s what Clint is. He’s the calm to my storms, the reasoning to my crazy ideas, and he helps me let loose from my everyday checklist life. I could brag on him for the rest of my life – and I plan on doing just that – but to sum it up, he was an answered prayer, and I can’t wait to grow old with him.

It’s important to us that vendors are recognized! If you wouldn’t mind putting the website or (Instagram handle if they don’t have a website) of the vendors listed below that were incorporated in your engagement shoot.

Photographer: www.jynniferlacyphotography.com

jynniferlacyphotography.com Side note: Lacy is also a great friend of mine. We met through Crossfit the first year I came to Texas and have been friends ever since. She’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and shoots are always fun when she’s behind the camera.

Bride: (@kaitthe_great_ful)

Groom: (@deadhorseleather)

Hair + MUA (@foil_and_stitch)

Dress/Dresses: (blue dress –  @balticborn, cream dress – @shopbellaandbloom)

His Shirts: (blue shirt – @roper from @nrsworld) 

Sportscoat: (J.Ferrar)

His Jeans: (@ariat, style -relentless)

Boots: andersonbean.com/retail-partners

Hat(s): (@resistol)

Jewelry: thebrodiebride.com

earrings –thebrodiebride.com

silver cast cuff – Valentine’s gift from Old Town Trading Company in Scottsdale, Arizona

charm bracelet – @tiffanyandco

ring – custom made by the Diamond Ring Company in Oklahoma City

his watch band @etsy

his beltdeadhorseleather.wordpress.com (himself)

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