Celebrating your love even after the honeymoon

Feb 9

Written By, WWM’s Morghan Ruggles

After the “I do’s” are said and you and your new spouse come back from the honeymoon things will start to settle. It is so important to always celebrate your relationship.

One way to celebrate you and your cowboy is to plan an anniversary trip or a nice dinner. Another great idea is to have anniversary pictures taken. Take the opportunity to get super dolled up or as casual as you like– maybe even re wear that wedding dress you never thought you’d put on again.

Make it personal, go to a memorable location or maybe renew your vows. Explore some national parks or maybe find a fun city to visit. Make it about YOUR relationship because it is something that does need to be recognized and cherished even after the wedding day.

Include the dogs or horses or maybe some fun props! If you don’t want to travel super far consider grabbing a hotel in town or somewhere close just to “get away.”

Here are some couples who had “anniversary pictures” taken and check out where they went and how they styled themselves. 

Morghan & Tell Ruggles 
Location: Sedona Arizona 
Photographer – For the West & Wildlinktr.ee/forthewestandwild
Urban Canyon –www.urbancanyonfloristry.com

Molly & Shane Stevens 
Location: Centennial Wyoming 
Photographer – Wild Jasmine Photographywww.wildjasminephoto.com

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