SWEET ON YOU| 6 Alternative Wedding Desserts

Feb 19

When choosing your desserts for your wedding day, don’t be afraid to step away from the traditional cake and cupcakes! We love that different sweets have become popular to serve at your reception.
If you dont like cake, dont serve it! Go with something you love, like pie, cookies or doughnuts! Hell, if you ask us- we’d say all three!!!
We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites from the ‘gram, our blog, and Pinterest.

Heres a few of our favorites!

1. Churros ya’ll. Churros.

How fun are these?! They are so unexpected, delicious, and will have your guests talking about them for months to come!

Salud Catering | The Bold Americana

2. Pies

No introduction needed here. Pies are always a gathering staple!!! Take your dessert display up a notch by adding different sized and shaped pedestals!

Whitney Neal Photography

3. Cookies

Cookies aren’t just cookies any more ya’ll. They are works of ART!! Personalize these bad boys and serve them to your guests! You can package them and they can double as favors too!

Kent Kreations

Jamie Laree Photography | See more from this wedding HERE!

4. S’mores

Are you going to have a bonfire at your wedding?! This is a great way to get the folks at your wedding to the fire and enjoy the sweet evening even more.

Stacey Hedman Photography

5. Doughnuts!

Okay, so we couldn’t NOT share these doughnut displays with ya’ll. They were just too good! We loved that they all thought out of the box when displaying them!

For the West and the wild  | Lamars Donuts
See more of this wedding HERE!

Elizabeth Hay Photography | SLODOCO
See more from this wedding in our fall issue!

6. Dessert Charcuterie Board

We love charcuterie boards and we love dessert…. so naturally combining them makes perfect sense!

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