Feb 22

Here are some tips & tricks from Jaime Burrow, owner of Coyote Queen boudoir photography.

We wanted to share some suggestions from behind the camera and how to prepare yourself before you get your boudoir pictures taken!

Some other things to consider, TREAT YOURSELF –  if getting your hair and makeup done by someone else makes you feel good, do it. If buying some new lingerie brings out your confidence, do it. If having a fresh set of nails makes you feel like a queen, do it.  If being bare faced and wearing just your man’s pearl snap makes you feel sexy, DO IT.

Boudoir sessions are all about you and what makes YOU feel your best. Not everyone is going to get their confidence from the same place – so find what makes you feel extra spicy.


“Boudoir is scary and can be super intimidating. First, I think you need to ask yourself WHY you are wanting to do boudoir. Did you recently lose weight? Are you getting married? Are you just wanting to feel empowered with your body? These are questions you need to ask yourself. Whatever your answer is, it will help fuel your fire to be able to rock your boudoir session. You then need to find a photographer you are comfortable with and can connect with on a personal level. These kinds of sessions are very intimate so finding the right photographer is so important! 

It’s hard to know exactly what to expect when walking into a boudoir session. These aren’t the typical family photos you may get done every year. A boudoir session is, for most women, a once in a lifetime session. Just know when you walk into your session you are going to rock it. Be yourself! Release the inner monsters of society that are holding you back. No more “I’m too old”, “I’m too overweight”, “I have stretch marks”, etc.

You’re beautiful just the way you are and it’s time to show yourself just that.

With my boudoir brand Coyote Queen LLC my slogan is “out of your shell and into your wild”. I always quote this because every woman deserves to get to know the wild and sexy side of herself. No more self doubt, no more hesitations or worries. Take this time and do something your future self will thank you for!”

PHOTOGRAPHER | Coyote Queen Boudoir @coyotequeenboudoir 

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