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The saying “opposites attract” could not be more fitting to describe the relationship John and I have.  While we have so many similar interests, he is definitely the calm to my crazy.  It is so hard to put into words the depth of love and respect I have for John and the best part about it is that it will only grow over time.  In the fall of 2019, I moved to Mabank, Texas for a job as a Loan Officer at a local bank.  I was devastated to leave Stephenville but blessed to have received employment prior to graduation.  I appreciated the fact that my job allowed me to be around cattle on renewal inspections and never expected it would lead to meeting the person I was going to marry.  I would say it is pretty neat to have had our first date spent in a pasture looking at cows and learning about each other at the same time. After a little over a year, we were celebrating my birthday at one of my favorite restaurants, Four Winds, and much to my surprise he was down on one knee.  He hid the whole thing so well and could not have pulled it off alone.  John had contacted one of my favorite singers, Josh Ward, and had him break the news that John had a question for me.  It was such a special moment I will cherish forever.

We chose the sale barn for our engagement session because we wanted to incorporate our lifestyle while also having a different background than what you typically see in engagement sessions.  The week before our engagement session we were at a Special Sale looking at the cattle and I knew it was the perfect location.  The catwalk offered a moody feel and so many options for pictures.  It was so special because other than getting to announce our engagement it also gave a look into one of our favorite date night spots.  Easton did a great job capturing just the look we were going for.


  1. Location. Location. Location. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box or inside the sale barn. But really, we love how this couple took a chance on a location that is relevant to them. Sometimes beauty is right in your back yard – consider shooting in an old barn, stalls, maybe use a stock trailer as a backdrop. 
  2. Check out how Brooke made one outfit into two. In the first set of pictures, she layered a fur coat over her blouse. She then took the coat off and had just the blouse for the second set of pictures and it created a whole new look. 
  3. Similar to #2 – We love how John switched his brown felt out for a black one to coordinate with Brooke’s outfits. Paying attention to details like this can really make a great session and make one outfit look like two!

Photographer: Easton Jay Photography – @eastonjayphotography
Outfit: Sassy Pants Boutique – @sassypantzfortworth
Brooke & John Engagements – @brooke_loren

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