Mar 2


Our relationship…We knew each other from some mutual friends, when we met, we were both seeing other people so this sadly is not a love at first sight story. In July of 2019, I was up visiting one of my friends in North Dakota, neither of us had any idea that Lucas was single. My friend was scrolling through tinder, as girls do, and she came across Lucas. She knew that Lucas and I really got along well, so of course, she freaked out and showed me he was on the app.  I had to download tinder and I started swiping left until I found him, we matched. We lived 5 hours apart, but we flirted over the phone almost every day for the rest of the summer, in the fall things started getting more interesting, by January Lucas decided he could handle calling me his girlfriend. 


Lucas proposed to me on top of a cliff in the black hills on the coldest day of the year (so far). I love the Black Hills; I had lived in the hills for the last 8 years before moving to North Dakota this last fall. We were going “home” for the Black Hills Stock Show & Koe Wetzel concert, my friend, Rylee Buer (Rylee Marie Photography), texted me and asked if I had a velvet dress and if Lucas & I would want to do a winter content shoot. This was not out of the ordinary for Rylee to ask me to do a shoot, but I still had a suspicion he was going to propose because my fiancé is a terrible liar. However, our photographer is a great liar, and by Saturday Rylee had me doubting I would ever get married.

The morning of the proposal, another friend asked me to get my nails done (she wasn’t even in on the plan)! I believe the weather said it felt like -10 outside, so I wasn’t too excited to be on top of a cliff, but Lucas said, “buck up buttercup.” 

I bundled up in my robe, bogs, & a coat. By the time we got to the top of the cliff, Lucas’s mustache was iced over. When I changed into my fancy shoes I could barely stand because the shoes were new and it was slippery, Lucas said he was so nervous it wasn’t going to work. Rylee started posing us, then after a while she had me turn around and had Lucas hugging me, she told me to close my eyes and look down and I felt Lucas step away. 

That is when I knew it was happening.  Rylee told me to turn around and there he was knee in the snow. All he said was “Will you Marry me?” I was laughing in happiness and responded “I guess so! It’s too cold for this!” There was nothing but glee & grins after he put the ring on my finger. He told us after that he had a speech all prepared and he froze up, he could only get those four words out. He is the man of my dreams, neither of us knew how easy love is until we found each other. I am so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

Trait Cullie – @trait_cullie
Photographer – Rylee Marie Photography
Dress – Home Folk @home_folk
Hat – American Hat Company
Ring – Staghead Designs (a customized Lucy in the Sky ring)
Shirt & Jeans – Cinch
Boots – Boulet Boots 
Sports Coat – Caravelli Jacket 

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