Mar 3

Written by Morghan Ruggles

We’ve been receiving quite a few questions about whether their groom or groomsmen should wear their cowboy hats during the ceremony. The answer is – there is no right or wrong answer. That is a personal preference. Whether you want your groom to just wear a hat and not your groomsmen or all of the guys to be in hats or none at all – totally up to the couple. 

    We did want to share an option for some brides that are conflicted. Traditionally, cowboys are supposed to remove their hats in churches, restaurants or while eating, and during certain events. Growing up in Texas, anytime a woman or lady was introduced to a man the guy usually removed his hat or cap when they were introduced. This applies to cowboy hats and regular caps. There is no written rule for this or law that states it, but it’s more of a gesture of respect. 

    I wanted to share something from my personal wedding day that stood out and reminded me of these questions/comments we’ve been receiving. 

All of our groomsmen wore hats. Our officiant, Braxton Mitchell, told us he was not going to wear one out of respect and he treated it like he would in a church ceremony- as previously mentioned, you typically don’t wear hats in churches, restaurants or at the table when you’re eating. When I came down the aisle with my dad all of our groomsmen removed their hats and it was something I did take notice of and made me feel like they were being respectful. After the ceremony, they put their hats back on and got their party on.

So for some of you brides that are perplexed on whether or not to have your guys wear hats or not, you can do both. The groomsmen can hold their hats during the ceremony and you can choose to have your groom wear his hat or not. Another option is to have the Best Man hold the groom’s hat, think of it like when the Maid of Honor holds the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony. Something else to consider is asking whoever is officiating their preference on wearing a hat or not. No matter what you and your fiance choose, it’s your day.

For the West & Wild Photography – @forthewestandwildphoto
Bride – Morghan Ruggles @morghan_leah
Officiant – Mitchell Event Services @braxton_m @audrey_wmitchell

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