Mar 8


WWM: Tell us a little bit about you two! How did y’all meet? 

Michael and I back in 2018 in Las Cruces, NM, the town I was attending college in. I was a bartender at Hooters and he soon became a regular. We had the same group of friends, always found us hanging out and going out together, but I was never really interested. Fast forward to May of 2019, I finally decided to give him a chance, I mean the man didn’t give up for a year. Once we started dating, I instantly knew he was the one. My family fell in love with Michael and everything fell into place. My dad’s approval is the most important thing to me, and he definitely approved. Michael grew up in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico working cows and roping. I grew up in Loving, New Mexico on my family’s hay farm, rodeoing and showing animals. I love that Michael and I have the same upbringing and roots. It’s something that I cherish, and we can pass down to our future children. 

WWM: Tell us about the proposal? 

Fast forward a year, we had a trip planned in June 2020 to Cancun. Well, Covid had other plans, our trip got cancelled. Little did I know that Michael had already got my dad’s permission and was going to ask me the last night in Cancun. So Michael acted quickly and reached out to a friend of ours, Morghan Ruggles, owner of Morghan Leah Photography, and asked her to take family pictures. So this whole time I thought we were going to take family pictures. Michael has a 6-year-old son, Graysen, that is an absolute doll and I can’t wait to gain him as a bonus son! At the end of our session, Morghan had me stand in front of Michael to get a couple more shots and then told me to turn around, that’s when Michael was down on one knee! It was more than I could ever imagine and so perfect. After the proposal, Michael had a dinner reservation set up for us. At the restaurant was waiting for my dad and family. I always hinted to Michael when the time comes, that I wanted my dad apart of the proposal. Michael hit the nail on the head incorporating my dad. 

WWM: Why did y’all choose the location for the engagements/what was the significance? 

The location we chose for our engagement was a recommendation from our lovely photographer. We wanted a location that represents us and our lifestyle. We also wanted a location close to Las Cruces, since this was the town we met in. The rock barn was located in Radium Spring, NM, which is just outside of Las Cruces. It was the perfect location that we fell in love with.

WWM: Tell us your favorite thing about your fiance.

Wow, I have so many favorite things about Michael. Michael has such a strong sense of humour. Michael can make you laugh with the flip of a switch. His jokes and wittyness keep me on my toes and constantly laughing. People have always told me, cowboys are hard to love, but with Michael, it came so easy. His acts of kindness get me every time. Michael’s dedication to work amazes me every day. Most of all, Michael is a family man, which melts my hard. Michael loves his son unconditionally, which makes me so excited for our future kids. I found my cowboy that I never want to stop loving

Gold Athena Dress – @balticborn 
Hair – by Shayley Schalk @hairbyshayleygrace
Jewellery – Turquoise Teepee & Cavenders @turquoisenteepees @cavenders
Ring – Kay Jewelers @kayjewelers
Cowboy Hat – American Hat Co @americanhatco
Fashion Hat – Charlie 1 Horse @charlier1horse
Boots – Ariat @ariatinternational
Brown Dixon Booties – Ariat @ariatinternational

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