Mar 16

“It  would be lying if I said I remembered the first time Kyle and I met our freshman year of college. We had mutual friends, classes together, and frequented the same dining hall and parties. Kyle seemed like someone I had always known without actually meeting and I was drawn to his great sense of humor and infectious laugh.
I joined the Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars program and found myself taking a class together with Kyle each semester at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln until graduation. Kyle spent the first two years ignoring my attempts at conversations in classes, jokes about The Office, and phone calls on homework assignments. After his roommate helped knock some sense into him, Kyle finally decided maybe I wasn’t ‘just being nice,’ asked me out to dinner. From that evening, we never looked back. 
Kyle and I dated our last semester of college before moving a few hours apart to start our careers in the beef industry. We spent every weekend together for the next year at either of our family’s ranches until Kyle proposed. My sister was with me at his folk’s for a local rodeo and the three of us went to check heifers out on grass. We had a bag of cake to bait them because Kyle wanted a picture of the two of us with his favorite ladies, 701 included. After fixing my hair in the wind, I turned back around to see Kyle down on one knee asking me to marry him with my sister capturing the moment. I feel so blessed to take on the adventure of life with my best friend in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills.”

ShelbyRing: @mcintoshjewelry -local small town jeweler in O’Neill Nebraska!
Grey vest: @smitten_steel 
Booties: @norootsboots
Rust cardigan: @blushboutiquene
Skinny jeans: target
Grey pullover: Under Armor
Shirt under Grey pullover and under Grey vest: Wrangler
Brown pullover: Ariat
Shirt under brown pullover: Ariat
Jeans: Ariat
Boots: Ariat

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