Mar 18

It all started when Brayden when to supper with a friend of his who just so happened to be one of my good friends also, Brayden asked about me and he got my number. But he was so scared to text me lol. He asked “what’s it gonna take for a girl like you to go to out with a guy like me” well low and behold on March 11, 2020 we were on our first date. Brayden came over to pick me up and to this day he says that I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. We went on our first date, ate some good food, and danced on a dirt road! It was the best day. Then the morning of may 23rd 2020 b and I went to go work cattle with my parents. Let me tell you, sometimes a couple that works cattle together, will not get along , but they will for sure stay together! So for the rest of the day, we were pretty ticked at each other. Little did I know, he was planning a huge get together of all our friends and family and was going to propose to me. Brayden had it all figured out! Our friends and family were in the barn hiding and Brayden came and met me outside. He walked me to the closed barn door and as were were talking he knocked on the door. The barn door rose and all my focus was on the people in the barn. And then I turned around to find Brayden on his knee behind me!

-Photographer-  Insta: @flatland.photo
-White skirt, sweater and snake boots are from Makie Black Boutique, Amarillo Texas,  @makieblack_boutique –
-Squash blossom necklace is from Get Gussied Up, Lubbock Texas, @getgussiedup_lbk
-Blazer from Desert Nomad Boutique, Friona Texas, @desertnomadboutique
-Red Boots are Old Gringo @oldgringoboots
-Bigger turquoise bracelet is from Calli Co Silver, @callicosilver
-Smaller turquoise brackets are from Turquoise & Teepees  @turquoisenteepees

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