Mar 26

When Tanner and I met, I was attending graduate school in Abilene, Texas. During my time in Abilene, I spent every Sunday hopping around from church to church in search of something that felt right. Though some may view Abilene as a big city, coming from a small town by the name of New Waverly, TX where population barely exceeds 1,000, Abilene was big to me. After trying several churches within the city limits, and not feeling the sense of small town community I was searching for, I decided it was time to start looking in the towns that surrounded the city of Abilene. That search is what brought me to a church located in Anson, Texas. That’s where I first saw Tanner, in the church he grew up in. He was taking up the offering that Sunday, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t purposely sit near the isle in hopes he’d notice me when he came by. Though I now know that he purposely stood at exit greeting everyone as they went out the door in hopes that I’d notice him too, it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later when I accidentally showed up to a community service event I thought was supposed to be a bible study (long story) that we actually met. Fast forward a couple of months and one intense game of putt putt later, and he finally asked me out on our first date to a local restaurant known as, The Beehive. That night after dinner we stayed up talking on my couch for hours. Since then, I’ve graduated and moved back home to be closer to my family’s ranch, Tanner has established his own businesses (3 to be exact), I began working as a therapist focused on upper body injuries, and we’ve had to start navigating this long distance thing. When my cousin, and best friend, Kathryn nominated us to do this photo shoot with Samantha, it started out as a joke. Neither of us had ever done anything like it before, but when Samantha messaged us, we both decided it would be somewhat of a adventure, so we packed our bags and hit the road. We ended up having so much fun with her and the photos far exceeded what we’d imagined. Though things are not always this easy, and the 5 hour drive between Tanner and I doesn’t get any shorter the more we drive it, I see many more adventures to come.

Photographer: Samantha Kaye Photography
Her dress: The Good Babes Co
Her jewelry: Turquoise & Teepees
His shirt: Ariat
His jeans: Cinch

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