Apr 6


“We’ve been together almost 3 years now and from day one we’ve been inseparable. We met Memorial Day weekend back in 2018 at a mutual friends birthday pool party. Not long after getting to the party, David, who is a complete stranger at this point, decides he’s going to throw me AND my chair into the pool! I very loudly tell him “if you throw me in, I’m taking you with me!” as I head lock him and pull him into the pool with me (clothes, phone and all). The next day we went on our first official date and we have lived together ever since our first date. We just clicked from the moment we met, although he annoyed me squirting me with water guns that whole first night! 
When we met, David was managing a large horse ranch in Weatherford Texas and I was working for an Equine Sports Medicine Vet as a technician. David grew up in Mississippi and after graduation attended college in Fort Scott Kansas were he rode bareback horses at the college rodeos. He cowboy’s for several years before eventually landing in Weatherford Texas. 
I grew up in Iowa, riding western pleasure horses through high school and college. After college and needing a change, I got into the Cutting Horse world and eventually made my way to the Cutting Horse Capital of the world, Weatherford Texas as well. 
David is now a structural welder, helping to build some of the magnificent ranches around Weatherford. While I manage a ranch that focuses mainly on team roping horses. 
We live on the beautiful ranch that I manage (pictured) along with our now 3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 horse. We wouldn’t have life any other way! We both have a passion for animals of all sizes and we are both crazy dedicated to our work. I can’t say we have any crazy romantic hobbies or anything, just everyday life on the ranch with our fur babies is all we love. Good music, a good porch and good company is what we love!”

Photographer: https://www.instagram.com/whitneygravesphotography/

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