Apr 8

Alex and I were introduced through mutual friends a couple of years ago. He quickly became my best friend, business and adventure partner and soulmate. Alex took on ranch/business ownership of Corral West as if it were his own and knows that other than him, the rescues are the other love of my life.  He is my proud and constant supporter at the ranch, with rescue advocacy and at my full-time job outside of Corral West.
Alex has always been an avid outdoorsman and hunter so he took to horsemanship like a fish in water. He is the yin to my yang in all aspects of life, and for that I am forever grateful. Balance in personality, business, rescue and your partner is crucial. We managed the weather the COVID-19 small business ownership storm and all the other hurdles that have been thrown our way. While being a female entrepreneur is important to me, what we have built to rescue horses and end the stigma around said rescue horses is one the things I am most proud of. Alex trademarked “save a horse, ride a rescue” for me and finished our process to become an official 501c3 charitable organization known as “Lucky Break Rescue” so it was only fitting that he proposed to me this fall as we were moving horses to summer pasture in Wyoming. 
We are looking forward to a summer elopement in the West and raising our family together at a forever ranch for the rescues. 
Our tax deductible PayPal for the rescue fund is

Photographer –J. Smith Photography

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