Apr 19


Paul and Kimberly had almost given up on dating and each had decided that once their subscriptions were over they were done. Finding someone to be a best friend and partner to spend nights on the porch enjoying the sunset and talking about life seemed to be just a dream. Two weeks before Kimberly’s subscriptions on the dating site was over, she saw a smile that melted her heart. Paul was wearing his cowboy hat and smiling like he was the most fun and easy going man alive. 

Kimberly sent a smile emoji that started long nights of conversations that were so natural and had them feeling like they had known each other a lifetime. They talked about histories that were similar as well as life goals that were in sync. Neither Kimberly or Paul could believe that this was real. 

After a couple of months of talking it was time to meet. Paul lived about 90 minutes away and all of this happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. Paul won Kimberly’s heart by driving all the way to have a half hour of time with her. He did this a few days and then took her for a ride on his motorcycle. She loved every minute of it and never felt so comfortable with anyone. 

Time went on and Kimberly decided it was time for Paul to meet her parents. If he could get along with her dad and his weird sense of humor, then she knew this was a good match. Paul passed with flying colors. This was a match made on

After a romance of about 8 months, Paul knew he wanted to ask her to marry him. He felt that it was right to ask her father for her hand first. Of course her father was delighted and the wedding plans began. 

They both wanted a smaller wedding which was good because after all, there was a pandemic still going on. They decided on a Zoom Wedding so that everyone of their friends and family could virtually attend. Invitations were sent via Facebook and the Cake decorations were ordered on Etsy. Kimberly’s daughter, Kaycee Parry, did all the baking and decorated the cake and cupcakes. The rings were purchased from Camellias. All bridal dresses were purchased at David’s Bridal and for a bridal shower with the girls, nails and toes were done at Polished Nails in Kennewick, WA. Kimberly’s son, Bruce, officiated and the whole event went off without a hitch. 

Now Kimberly and Paul are busy planning a retirement that includes a cabin on a large acreage in the mountains near Baker, Oregon. They plan on many nights on the porch with the dogs and the love that Match sent. 

Photographer- @SheenaOliveraPhotography

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