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Apr 20


In summer of 2018, Dalton (now fiancé) and I met in Tahlequah, Oklahoma at river float resort. With much admiration in each other, we completely hit it off. The following two weeks, Dalton and I decided to go on our first date in Stillwater, Oklahoma (which was the half-way point for  both of us). Dalton lived in southwest Kansas, and I lived in northeast Oklahoma, which seemed worlds apart from each other.

A week after our first date, I agreed to visit Dalton in his  hometown for a weekend. Little did I know how special this weekend would be, because it was  when we both fell in love! During my visit, Dalton had shown me the farmland in area, when he had picked a sunflower from the side of a dirt road. He gave that little sunflower to me, and  unexpectedly told me he loved me. After that weekend, I travel 6 hours back home with that  sunflower in my cup holder of my car. When I arrived back home, I opened my Bible and prayed over that little sunflower. I gently placed that sunflower over 1 Corinthians 13:4-5.

That next  night Dalton called to ask me to be his girlfriend. Dalton and I continued a long distance relationship for two and a half years, when on December 15, 2020 he finally proposed on a snowy night in Kansas. Dalton and I are currently planning our Midwest wedding for July 31,  2021.

Photographer:  Lillian Reed Photography – @lillianreedphotography
Couple: @emilyyell_16 @daltonprosser 

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