Apr 21


We grew up in the same small town together and have always known each other. Cullen and I went on one date when I was a senior in high school and he was in his first year of college where he took me to a park and we painted a picture on our own canvas and gave each other our painting, it was so cute. He went back to college and we drifted apart but 4 years later we reconnected and went on a date and we never looked back, I knew he was the one for me. I ended up going to his parents’ house with him one day to see that they still had my painting sitting in their living room with my initials and the date we painted in the bottom corner! 


Cullen and I had a big wedding planned at first. We wanted all of our family, all of our friends, and anyone else who wanted to come to celebrate haha. Then covid came along and we delayed the wedding for so long that we got tired of waiting and we were ready to get married. We decided about a month before marrying that we were going to elope. It was a quick decision and I have no regrets! We didn’t tell anyone except our parents and one couple, our best friends. Our friends are the only ones who came with us and the guy, Chad, got ordained and married us! So the only people there with us was our photographer and two of our closest friends. It was PERFECT! I didn’t feel any pressure to put on a show or to entertain anyone who came with us. Everything was so intimate, every emotion felt so real, and I was able to take in every moment without worrying about a crowd. 

I worried about the weather the entire time I was there. My flight going home actually got cancelled due to the weather. If I could give any advice it would be NOT TO WORRY ABOUT THE WEATHER! As cliche as it sounds, you won’t care once you’re standing in front of the love of your life getting married. We climbed a mountain in the rain and it was 40 degrees outside and I don’t even remember being cold or caring about the rain. I was too excited about the sweet moment to come, which was getting married! My awesome photographer did not hesitate due to the weather. She showed up and showed out with the dreamiest photos. I was blessed to have her. I guess another piece of advice would be to go with a photographer who is willing to show up for you no matter the weather. I don’t know what we would have done without her.


WWM: How did you prepare for this rainy elopement?

Honestly, a lot of tears and a whole lot of faith! I have never shot in the rain, let alone sideways falling rain. I had to stop almost every other shot to dry off my camera lens and my camera body off. Other than battling the elements, I prepared for this elopement like I have any other one — getting excited and looking up work that inspires me.

WWM: What is your biggest tip for couples choosing to elope?

Eloping is SO AMAZING! I know that eloping is super taboo still, but think of how intimate and unique of a wedding you get to have with you and your favorite person?! Paying for hundreds of people to come to your wedding that you quite literally may never see again sucks. Eloping not only guarantees that you have some bomb ass pictures, you also get to have a super intimate and amazing wedding with your soulmate shared with only the people who truly matter. 

– Photographer: Mary Mazzucco. insta- @mazzuccophotography
– Florist: We stopped at the grocery store on the way and picked up the flowers haha
– Location: Beacon Heights Trail, Carey’s Flat, NC
– Dress/Veil: I got the veil from @davids bridal and I rented the dress from @rawgoldenrentals on Instagram! The name of the dress on her page is Pandora

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