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Apr 27


Hunter and I met on a whim! I had met my best friend Sydney about 6 years ago at a mutual friend’s going away party and we hit it off. We stayed in touch even though she lived in Colorado and I lived in Texas. About 3 or so years ago she started dating Hunter’s twin brother, Bow. She always joked about me dating Hunter so we could be sisters-in-law one day. A few summers ago, I studied abroad with Tarleton’s Honors College to Urbino, Italy. Just before my trip, Sydney had encouraged me to reach out to Hunter since I was newly single. I’m not ashamed to say that I made the first move by striking up a conversation with him, and before I knew it we were Factiming almost every night over the month I was studying in Italy. He had gotten ahold of one of the girls I was on the trip with and sent her money to surprise me with flowers in the town square with a bible verse on the card he had picked for her to write. When the month had passed it was the 4th of July, and when I flew home, Hunter picked me up from the airport then drove me to my parents’ house. It was the first time I had met him in person! The rest is history.

Hunter and I like to spend a lot of time outside with our two dogs, Simba and Tater. I get to drag him to the occasional rodeo or jackpot as horse help, and he seems to always have the

Bride – @just.maddy.things
Photographer – @baleighcreedphoto
Cowboy hat – @Greeleyhatworks
Button-ups – @cinch (the black one) @panhanleww
White blouse – Thrift find  
Stripe jeans – Rockies
Jewelry – @blueby.you and some of it was mine and my grandfathers
Black dress – @thegoodbabesco
White dress – @lulus

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