Apr 28

“This prairie sunset isn’t the only thing that will melt your heart” 

We just had to share this sweet proposal between Abby + Zach. You can’t recreate the emotion and excitement on this sweet couples face and we can’t wait to share this special moment with y’all! 


Zach messaged me on Instagram about 2 or 3 months ago and before I even read the entire message, I text our friend, Kenyon, “I don’t want to blow the whistle too soon, but Zach said he needs my help with something and one of the only things I can help him with is photography… he’s proposing!” He wanted Abby to have no idea it was happening but also wanted it caught on camera. Two things which were surprisingly easy since I shoot with her for Prairie Sky all the time. I was able to capture the moment Zach went down on one knee, but I wasn’t expecting Abs to start running towards him and I almost didn’t snap the moment the ring went flying. I think it went exactly how they both wanted and I’m super happy with how all the pictures turned out. I think it’s pretty awesome I got to capture that moment for them.


One of my favorite things to do with Zachary is drive up to one of our favorite spots on my Dad’s ranch and watch the sunset. The particular spot I’m speaking of is on one of the highest hills; from there you can see almost the entire ranch, lakes about 15 miles away, and the town 40 miles over from us. 

Whenever my boss, Kenyon, told me she wanted our next photoshoot to be there I thought nothing of it. I figured she had seen it in my Instagram stories and loved the view. Maybe I should have caught on when she was adamant about having Zach in the shoot, but he had been in one before, so again, I thought nothing of it. 

The morning of was… well… it was an emotional roller coaster. I had just gotten my hair cut and it was not cooperating, to put it lightly. I could not stop crying, like full-on bawling, staring at my reflection in the mirror. Zachary was being so so sweet and reassuring me, telling me how beautiful I was and even offering to finish curling it for me, even though he had no idea how. Poor man, here he was, trying to make sure his soon-to-be-fiancé felt beautiful before the photo shoot he had set up to propose, and here I am, Kim Kardashian ugly crying in front of my mirror. 

After my Pity Party of one was over, I was able to pull myself together and get ready for the shoot. 

I am so comfortable shooting with Blaine at Prairie Sky photoshoots, I didn’t even realize Kenyon and Zachary sneaking around. While Blaine and I were shooting they were able to scheme and find the best spot for us to stand while also capturing the view & Zach going down to one knee behind me while I was oblivious- and they did it perfectly. 

Whenever I turned around, I honestly just couldn’t believe he was really in front of me, on one knee. You imagine the moment in your mind a million times, but you never really know how you will respond until it happens. I ran to him so fast I knocked the ring out of his hand. 

I still am in shock with how truly perfect it was. I am so thankful for such amazing and creative friends like Blaine, Kenyon, and her husband, Luke. They all worked together and did such a great job at making me think it was just a normal shoot for Prairie Sky. I think I am most surprised Zach was able to keep it a secret from me, but I did tell him these things when we first started dating:

  1. Ask my dad (Duh!)
  2. Nails done (Double Duh!)
  3. I want to have NO IDEA
  4. Please get it on camera

He has always gone above and beyond for me and his proposal was no exception. I am so blessed to say I get to be Mrs Zachary Arnold; I cannot wait!

Abby & Zach Proposal – @rock_hard_abbs @zacharnold12
Photographer: Blaine Bowen – @blaine.bowen

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