OLIVER + LEXI | South Dakota Engagement

Apr 29

Oliver and Lexi are a sweet couple from a middle of nowhere town in South Dakota. Lexi does taxes and Oliver ranches. The love they share can easily be felt through their engagement photos. 

THE TAKE AWAY | Outfit Inspo Edition 

Statement Jewelry- We loved that Lexi paired statement pieces with her outfit. Statement jewelry can elivate any outfit. If you are a gal that doesn’t like a lot of color, but wants to stand out, consider a statement piece!

Mixing Patterns- We love florals! Sometimes it can be tricky to find a patterend button up to natch a bolder print, but Lexi and Oliver nailed it! Choose a neutral color that can be pulled from your floral print. 

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Dress: Big Bratt Boutique
Photographer: Rylee Marie Photo

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