May 10

Here is our little love story. Meeting in 2012, and becoming what we are now in 2021 is beyond surreal, and just a little bit crazy. Early in high school we got together for a brief period of time and it was just your typical young love with a best friend, not thinking much of it, eventually we broke up and went our separate ways. We didn’t talk much after but would see each other throughout high school and stay in touch here and there. We both graduated,and jumped into the real world. We went our separate ways for a little while learning all kinds of lessons, working, and schooling! After learning some life lessons, both were taught what love is, and what love isn’t, taking one step at a time learning about life, love, and adulthood. Eventually reconnecting about 7 years, and some odd months later we got together to catch up and see how things were going, talked about our stories, continued to talk, and the love began to flow a few months after reconnecting. We ended up back together stronger and better than ever, feeling like we’ve never felt, and only feeling love. Seven summers ago we didn’t realize we found our perfect match, it just took us some time and life lessons to realize that we were made for each other.

Maura’s Instagram is: @maura.da.explora
Photographers Instagram: @gonewestphoto
Her boots are: @idyllwind 
Location: Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

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