May 14

They are angels and good friends of mine and I feel so blessed to share their story and the photos I was able to take of them.
Tyler & Sarah first stumbled across each other when Sarah received a Facebook friend request from Tyler. She didn’t think much of it at first until she saw his profile photo and instantly she was interested. She noticed he lived in Montana, and figured nothing would come of it, but that same night Tyler messaged Sarah and inquired about her horse training services (her job at the time).
Tyler said him and a buddy had 3 young colts they needed to have started and he asked how much it would cost to fly Sarah out to put a 30 day start on them.
After they figured out logistics, Sarah had a flight booked and within a month was heading out to Montana from Northern California to meet this stranger from the internet. A risk, but well worth it.
The two of them got to know each other over the course of two weeks and quickly grew feelings for one another. 
After about 14 days and several rides in on one of the colts, Sarah was bucked off the young horse and then trampled, causing her to break her leg.
Tyler rushed her to the hospital where they told her she would need surgery.
Without a blink of hesitation Tyler knew what he needed to do. So he packed up a bag and all of Sarah’s things, and drove her that same night all the way back to California so she could be with her family for the major surgery.
Sarah fell in love on that 24 hour drive and knew she had found the one. 
Tyler and Sarah have been together almost 3 years now, and are getting married in September 2021. 
These two have moved across the country for one another 3 times since being together and are completely inseparable, and one day have plans to move back up to Montana to settle down where it all began in the first place.

Jacque O Photography- @jacqueophoto

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