May 18

I’m Harley Baker, aka Conway Titty. I am the owner of Conways Clubhouse LLC. I met my husband Jan 10th of 2021. That’s right I married someone I have only known for THREE months. Crazy? Insane? Or any other synonym you might think of. Yes I was well aware every logical decision & giant step that comes with marriage. You know the “raise your right hand, sign a legal document with a pen on a piece of paper in front of a county clerk in a town you’ve never been before” type of decision. That is what myself & Mr. Cody Baker decided to do. 

Being somewhat on an internet entertainer, personality or whatever you want to call it. I gain quite a bit of traction everyday. Cody happened to be apart of this traction. This man followed me on all of my platforms for awhile. He already knew who I was, what I do, & all the craziness that comes with it. The things that also come along with being a “IE” (internet entertainer) is getting tons of messages a day from random strangers all around the world. *sidenote: I’ve already ignored Cody multiple times because I get so many messages a day I can’t keep up sometimes* 

On this very bland day one stranger changed my life forever. I got a message from Cody randomly. Mind you I have already ignored him multiple times before (not on purpose) This messaged was different. His nerdy self sent me a video of his streaming/computer setup along with the background of his computer was set to my favorite Anime (Darling in the Franxx)

I just so happened to reply back this time. He then snapped me a video of himself & I had NOOO idea he was this hot. I replied back immediately “ARE YOU SINGLE?!”

and the rest was history: We FaceTimed for 10 hours straight after that. He asked me out couple hours later. I got ready. He picked me up & the moment I locked eyes with his that was it. We went on our date. He stayed the night & never left. He moved in with me. Technically we are still on our first date. 

About two months into the relationship Cody & I joked about running off and getting married. If you know us personally everything about this was exactly our personalities & hearts. Like I said this was a JOKE, I mean come on we have only known each other for 2 months. That’s crazy? Right?Maybe? On the way to Tractor Supply, in the truck I said “you know what we should do? Go elope in Colorado, on 4/20!” Cody laughed & responded back with no hesitation “LETS DO IT!!” That was it. One month to plan and elopment & marry the man of my dreams. Here we go:

Flash forward for 4/20/21, Elopement Day: it’s 3am, Cody is writing his vows. My maid of honor: Jourdy is painting our “Honky Tonk” sign for our photog prop, the two other close friends, (Cody’s best man Blake & his wife Jordan) just went to sleep for 30mins to get a power nap in before the media crew arrives. I am standing outside  smoking a joint at this beautiful cabin nestled on 35 acres in the Rocky Mountains that we had rented for our stay, it’s snowing like crazy, I mean it was a blizzard. We planned on eloping at sunrise at Garden of the Gods. Damn we’re plans changing. The media team was set to arrive at 4am. Boy was that an adventure in itself. One of the videographers got their car stuck on the way up the mountain because there was so much snow. Luckily the other half of the crew managed to make it. Now here we are: Groom, Bride, three friends, three media members. Ready to start the wedding? Right? Wrong. 

*sidenote: I have been informed hours prior that my hair & makeup artists canceled due to the weather. My florist wasn’t able to send me my floral pieces including my bouquet due to the weather. 

It’s suppose to be time to get ready but the weather was making it harder & harder for us to make that hour drive to Garden of the Gods. It’s about 6am now with the sun rising. We were already suppose to be saying I Do. Looking outside it’s a complete whiteout. You can’t see the mountains in the short distance. All you see is a beautiful blanket of fresh powdered snow covering the ground & pines. I made the decision: Go With The Flow.

I turned to everyone & said “LETS DO IT HERE.”

Now everyone got in a hustle to get ready. A winter wonderland wedding at a random ranch. Alright I guess this is what we are doing. That’s the beauty of elopements. It’s all about going with the flow. The perfect moments will come to you. At 9am, on a gazebo surrounded by mountains of snow covered pines, Cody & I said our vows & yelled into the wilderness “I DO!” It was completely magical. The snow was dusting all around creating a glitter effect with the sun. We finished up our ceremony & had one last thing I needed to do on my wedding day. Go feed a bison.

The crew loads up and makes the way down the snowy mountain. Off to Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch in Limon, Colorado we go. We used this amazing opportunity & beautiful ran bison ranch to capture some amazing shots. Bison are a huge piece of my life. One day I hope to own 50 on my own ranch. So getting to be at a huge generational ranch on my wedding day was extremely special. Cody & I got to interact with the owners, the livestock & learn some valuable information. I got to hand feed plenty of bison that day. The media crew got to experience things they never have before. And we all created a life time memory. 

I got to marry the man of my dreams. A twin flame. A pure soulmate. I experienced so many ups & downs with the whole planning process & day of events. It was all so worth it & allowing myself to go with the flow made it sweeter. Most of life’s unexpected things turn out to be the biggest blessings. 

Hannah Dautel: Photog- https://instagram.com/hannahjo.photo?igshid=kw4b05w8xyhx
Sarah Watne : Videography
Golden Moments Co
Jourdy: MOH & Coordinator 
Bedia : Dress Designer (Germany)
Terry: Suit Designer (Italy)
Carolyn: Planet Nails
Tara Vaughn: Vow Books
Shawn & Carrie Bennett: Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch 

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